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Summer Assignments for PHS: Chemistry - AP


Mr. Holstein
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Summer Work Resources



Please see Mr. Holstein for a hard copy of AP Chemistry Student Summer Work 2019. 

Requirements: All students are REQUIRED to complete and SHOW ALL WORK in the packet IF they were NOT PRE-AP students or were a PRE-AP student and DIDN’T GET AN A- or ABOVEAny PRE-AP student who had an A- or ABOVE is welcome to complete the work below but is NOT REQUIRED to complete the assignment. On the PHS website for summer work for AP Chemistry the ANSWER KEY is available for all boxed problems. Refer to this document after you have tried the problems that an answer hasn’t been provided for you in your Student packet. Hard copies of the summer work packet can be obtained from Mr. Holstein in B2 before the end of the school year (6/17).  After that, they must printed out and completed at home.

An excellent resource can be found here:

This website does a great job of breaking down all the Big Ideas and explaining how it works. Of course, you should not limit yourself to just this website! USE YouTube to your advantage! You would be surprised as to how many videos have been posted on how to solve chemistry problems. :) 

We will review the Big Ideas right after the Safety Unit and we will use this packet to review all the important topics covered in the first part of the AP curriculum.

If you have questions, please e-mail me at I will go over any questions you have in class or you can make an appointment to come see me. I hope you have a great and restful summer!

Mr. Holstein