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Summer Assignments for PHS: Studio Art/3D - AP

Summer Enrichment Opportunity

AP Studio Art – 3D Design Summer Enrichment


Dear Students and Parents,

Thank you for choosing to enroll in this AP Studio Art course for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year.  Since this summer will be different than most, so will this summer’s AP enrichment work. Yes, enrichment work. In year’s past summer work was graded upon return to school in the fall. However, this year the work will count as extra credit to start off the year. This will be work to feed your own artistic purpose, drive, and investigative process.


STEP 1: Get a Sketchbook/Inspiration Book/Visual Journal...whatever you want to call it.

This can be any type of sketchbook. What’s your preference? Big. Small. White paper. Toned paper. Lined. Blank. Grid. Repurposed (altered) book. Hand bound (make your own!)


STEP 2: Use it!! – Yes it’s that easy!!

This book will be composed of doodles, sketches, notes, collected pictures, and other visual ideas of various techniques that give insight into your thought processes and your artistic interests. Visit some virtual museums and be inspired. Search artists whose work you admire. List some possible themes of investigation…etc., etc.


STEP 3: Maintain a regular practice of working in your book.

For some this could be a weekly block of time set aside, for others it could be a daily practice of 10 min a day. Whatever you decide works best for you and your schedule.


STEP 4: Group Resources-Should you choose to participate…

I will open a Summer Google classroom page to periodically post interesting art, artists and websites for the group.


Should you wish to get further information on the AP 3D Portfolio requirements or to see sample portfolios for reference and inspiration, see the link below.


AP 3D Art and Design Portfolio overview page with sample portfolios: 

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding the course or the enrichments ideas.