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Summer Assignments for PHS: Chemistry - PreAP

Pre-AP Chemistry

Honors Principles of Earth, Space & Physics/ Pre-AP Chemistry
Portsmouth High School Science Fair

Dear Student,

Students enrolled in honors science courses in grades 9 and 10 (Principles of Earth, Space & Physics Honors and Pre-AP Chemistry) are required to conduct initial work as a summer requirement. You will NOT have to conduct your project during the summer just do initial work which is outlined in this handbook (p. 4-7).

Some students may want to conduct projects that are more suitable for summer weather.  This is fine but you need approval before you begin your work.  If this is the case, contact me via email and I will discuss your project with you and give you the forms that are required for you to complete.  In fact, do not hesitate to contact me for any reason this summer regarding science fair requirements. 

The Science Fair Handbook is linked here so that you may reference it should you have any questions. 

The Science Fair will count as a CCA for each course. The successful completion of the research paper is evidence of proficiency for the PHS Learning Expectation #1. The successful completion of the visual display and presentation to judges is evidence of proficiency for the PHS Learning Expectation #2.

The Science Fair will be held early January 2018. The top projects will be invited to participate in the Rhode Island State Science and Engineering Fair.

Have a great summer!

Mrs. Kathleen M. Beebe
Chairperson, Science Department
Portsmouth High School