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Summer Assignments for PHS: 2D Design/Photography - AP


Ms. Rose Escobar
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The assignments here are not a requirement, but are suggestions for the 2020 summer.
Ideas and topics can be used to inspire ideas for summer projects as well as assignments starting in September.


Main Objective: processing ideas for AP concentration selection in the fall.

Goal #1: Begin photographic explorations for your AP Photo Concentration Series

Goal #2: Collect “Stuff” for your Process Journal also known as Personal Altered Book

Goal #3:  Submit 3 of 10 Photo Summer Assignments from the following series (due Sept)



 A Concentration is a series of "sequential or thematic visual images" -- images growing from images -- to help explore in greater depth a particular visual concern as a thematic series.

Through research and analysis of masterworks as well as critiques, students are expected develop their own personal visual expression. Students will produce an extensive body of work which will constitute their portfolio. Because the range of possible concentrations is so wide, the number of works the student creates should be dictated by the focus of the investigation.

Brainstorm a list of possible ideas on a separate sheet of paper we will eventually narrow the list down to your Top 10 ideas. Some topics to consider listed below (Save your list… first item to be used in your process journal) because the range of possible concentrations is so wide, the number of works the student creates should be dictated by the focus of the investigation. The chosen visual idea should be explored to the greatest possible extent. We will discover & explore themes in class and be able to answer:

A. What is the central idea of your concentration going to be?

B. How will you demonstrate an exploration of this idea visually?

2. WHAT IS “STUFF” FOR THE PROCCESS JOURNAL (In addition to photographing your world)   

  1. Collect things “Stuff” (papers, tickets, receipts with dates & places you go)…anything & everything that reflects your TIME & experiences*
  2. Journal in a note-book or on scrap papers (save in a box or folder -even ideas on napkins sitting in a restaurant -some of my favs*) on everything from thoughts, ideas, experiences, travel, your backyard… & list /jot /whatever style works for you …just record your life experiences & ideas.
  3. Select & identify with 2-3 Artists that resonate with you.  We will reference their style & technique for ideas & inspiration.  List/journal reasons the selected artists resonate with you & your ideas.  (Note: ideally, try to create a daily ritual to reflect on what you experience, what you see & how you feel.)    …Photo Artists to look up -Dan Eldon, Ben Goossens, Richard Parke-Harrison, Raoul Hausman, Paula Rosa, Maggie Taylor, Jerry Uelsmann, Tim Walker, and others you discover*…

3. 3 of 10 SUMMER PHOTO ASSIGNMENT SERIES (If need more details email Ms. E*)

-Self Portraits & Portraiture (unique, great straight & altered) - Natures Light (sunlight, sunset, dawn, reflections… sky paintings) -Family Documentary (telling a story) -Macro Photography (up close & personal… subjects optional) -Reflecting Worlds (multiple views through reflected surfaces) -Ants View (Unique angles & perspectives) -Long Exposure Experiments (Light painting, ghosting, night works… use tripod if needed) -On The Streets, Over the River, In the Woods (travels, backyards… where ever you go             *Last Two optional themes - student choice*

Possible Concentration Ideas from the AP College Board Website:

• An exploration of patterns and designs found in nature and/or culture

• A series of works that begins with representational interpretations and evolves

     into abstraction

• A series of landscapes based upon personal experience of a particular place

• Design and execution of an original children’s book

• Abstractions developed from cells and other microscopic images

• Interpretive portraiture or figure studies that emphasize dramatic composition

• A personal or family history communicated through symbols, imagery or metaphorical objects only

Here are some other possibilities:

 Homelessness

 Poverty

 Teen Violence

 Bullying

 Any Social/Political Issue

 Anxiety

 The Five Senses

 The Seven Deadly Sins

 The Seven Heavenly Virtues

 The Family Portrait

 Colors I’ve Never Seen Before

 Unique Perspectives

 Id vs. Ego

 Ghosts vs. Memories

 Privacy

 The True Self is a Disturbing Character

 Family Matters

 Once…

 Daily Observations

 If Writing did not exist

 The Delights of the Flesh

 Tensions all around us

 Romancing the Unknown

 Breaking down Barriers

 Objectification

 Power Relationships

 One Flight Down


Upon returning to school you must present:

1. Organized digital folders on flash drive with multiple folders, top 10 themes which we will narrow down to top 3 or 4. Be sure all file folders have been backed up on other memory devicesJ

2. Collected “Stuff” for making process journal/altered book based on experiences, materials gathered, writings, creative ideas, brainstorming, dreams, adventures… along with reflections on selected artists.

3. Completed all photo summer assignments for grading, exhibits & critiques


*Happy Photo Journeying …     any questions, concerns contact or email Ms. Escobar*